45th Year Anniversary of Sincanli in the Tractor Spare Parts Business

          We have completed our 45th Year in the Tractor Spare Parts Business that we started with only 6 people in 1970. On this occasion, we firstly would like to sincerely and heartily thank all our colleagues who contributed to our success, our Tractor Spare Part producer fellows who contributed to our engagement in this business, our trucker and transporter fellows who carry our goods across Turkey and all around the world, and the entire community who actively or indirectly provide us with their valuable services.

          We would like to tender our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the deceased Turgut Özal, who led and guided us every day on the TV, holding his trademark pen in his hand, while we were still a small company in Taksim. May God bless him and may he rest in peace. I can never forget the words Turgut Özal uttered on one occasion with his famous pen in his hand:

          Dear fellow citizens, artisans and traders. Go and sell your goods at every corner of the world; never get caught in the feeling of inferiority. The Turkish nation is way smarter, way more initiative. You are a superior nation.

          He shared these ideas and similar other views with our people on TV every day. New laws were promulgated and foreign exchange was liberated. The way was cleared for founding a company within a day. All state bureaucracies were abandoned.

          As Sincanli, we started to search for a means of exportation with the guidance of Turgut Özal, and as a first step, we sent lists to the firms to which we were making importation, telling them that we also had goods which they might be interested in. Thereafter, we started doing exportations on a small scale. We gained customers all around the world by participating in the export fairs at countries such as Germany, Italy and Spain. We traveled throughout the world, seeking and finding new customers.

          Today, we have become a firm which is a source of fee-earning for 135 people, with our Istanbul central warehouse of 7,000 sqm and our factory of 5,250 sqm established on a surface area of 10,000 sqm.

          All that we have achieved and will achieve has been made possible through the trust you have placed in us and the support you have given to us. And we have worked hard devotedly to deserve this trust and support.

What has been done during the 45 years:
1- Today, we are proceeding with 135 people on this path which we started out only with 6 people.
2- We started with a working area of 100 sqm; today, we are working on an area of more than 15,250 sqm.
3- On this path that we started out with 200 customers in Turkey by selling only Ford Tractor parts; today, we are selling tractor parts for such as Ford, Fiat, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Inter, Leyland, Steyr, etc., with a customer portfolio of more than 1000 customers.
4- On this path that we started out by selling 700 items of goods; today, we are able to sell 23,000 items in-stock and 50,000 items without keeping any stock.
5- We carry out 60% of our sales to Anatolian customers via the Internet through B2B system. We evaluate all kinds of requests and demands from you and integrate them into our business transactions.