Involvement of the Younger Generation in Sincanli Group Family

          January 2016, in which we are celebrating the 45th anniversary of our firm, is of particular importance for Sincanli Group. 5 of our partner's children, who have studied in reputable schools joined our firm. Following the participation of Özge Özer and Burak Özer, respectively the daughter and son of Mustafa Özer who joined our firm a few years ago, our firm achieved a new synergy also at the beginning of this year, with the participation in the firm of Cem Cinisli (son of Tahsin and Elif Cinisli), Emircan Çelikkol (son of Yesim Çelikkol) and Cihan Akuç (son of Ünal Akuç). I sincerely believe that the younger generation joining our firm will be able to take our company even further than what we have successfully achieved so far in the last 45 years, by taking even more conscious and firmer steps.

          Each of the younger newcomers to the firm has been raised with ethics and morals to be expected from a Sincanli Group member and received high-quality education. I have the utmost belief that they will succeed in every field they will be working in. I am certain that they will perform every task to be assigned to them successfully by supporting one another. We, as their senior generation, will always be there for them as their guiding source and advisor whom they will be able to consult in time of need.

          They will certainly learn the fine details and niceties of our business and carry the flag forward in a very short time. I would like to congratulate them in advance and sincerely wish them all the luck in putting all of their best efforts in their job to move our firm forward and to accomplish new success stories in this new year.

Mustafa OZER

About Emircan ÇELIKKOL
Education: New York University - Department of Economics
Languages: Advanced Level of English
Employment: One of ISO 500 firms of Turkey;
2009-2011 Hangzhou/Shanghai, China - Supply and Procurement Manager
2011-2015 Rotterdam, the Netherlands - European Operations Director
2016 Assistant General Manager at Sincanli

About Özge ÖZER
Education: Graduate of Uludag University, Department of Labor Economics
Languages:Advanced Level of English
Employment:Exports Coordinator and Customer Representative at Sincanli since 2001

About Burak ÖZER?
Education: Graduate of Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Business Administration (English-taught program)
Languages: Advanced Level of English
Employment:General Procurement Coordinator at Sincanli since 2003

Cem CINISLI Kimdir?
Education: Graduated from Koç University, Department of Psychology in 2014
Languages: Advanced Level of English
Employment:Strategic Project Development Specialist at Sincanli