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About Us



Sincanli Tractor A.S., one of the largest tractor spare parts suppliers in Turkey, continues to grow as of 2023. Sincanlı Traktor, which has shown continuous growth since the day it was founded, has always been one step ahead of the change and has become the largest supplier not only in Turkey but also in the world's largest companies in the sector.

Sincanlı Traktor continues to achieve the success it has achieved in Turkey in the whole world...

In its sector (Tractor Spare Parts Sector), Sincanlı Traktor, which has achieved sales success in 81 provinces in Turkey, continues its exports to 90 countries as of 2023.

Our Developing Business Model

Sincanlı Traktor is growing day by day with its new management, new operation team and corporate sustainability identity by reinforcing its history in the commercial field before 2023 with quality service.

The main basis of our business model is to improve the quality of service our customers receive, to provide more successful service and to offer all the conveniences brought by technology to our customers. In this process, we continue to work in a disciplined and ethical manner in order to work in a more customer-oriented manner.


Sector Dynamics

Although economic, seasonal and sectoral developments cause our country's dynamics to be in a constant state of flux, Sincanlı Traktör, with its 50 years of business experience, product and brand diversity and experienced team, knows how to overcome crises with the least damage and to overcome them with effective measures in a short time. Our company closely follows the technology, makes digitalization and domestic and international marketing investments at the level of global business partners. Our company closely follows all developments in the global tractor spare parts sector and offers its customers the best quality goods at the most competitive price and the best service with the understanding of a long-lasting business partnership.

Our Position in Global Markets

We have become the main supplier of the tractor supply industry to our customers in 90 countries worldwide. However, the greater global competition and market borders enable us to keep our targets in the world perspective constantly updated, and have directed us to more product development and market analysis. The branch and market differences of the countries improve us in terms of stock diversification and equity capital increase, enabling us to sustain the operational success we have achieved in the domestic market worldwide.

Becoming a Reliable Trade Partner

Every company in the sector can offer something at the point of service, but as Sincanlı Traktor, our most important difference is that we have been your reliable trade partner for 50 years.


New Product Development

As of 2023, the number of SKUs in 24 branches has exceeded 40,000. On average, 200 new products are added to our stocks on a monthly basis.